Health Care by the Numbers

This project is funded by the AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education Program.

The NYU 'Healthcare by the Numbers: Populations, Systems, and Clinically Integrated Data' curriculum leverages an integrated partnership of our School of Medicine and NYU Langone Medical Center to transform our medical school curriculum. By creating a three-year long program of education for our students that is based on the real clinical data of our practices, we are accelerating changes in what we are teaching so as to be aligned with the future demands of practice.

“Our hope is that this robust curriculum will prepare our graduates to meet the future needs of the ever evolving healthcare delivery system by giving them the tools and skills necessary to care for not just an individual patient, but for an entire population of patients”

Marc Triola, MD, associate dean for educational informatics, principal investigator

NYU Project Team:

  • Ruth M. Crowe, MD, PhD
  • Greta Elysee
  • Joseph Nicholson, MLIS, MPH
  • Martin Pusic, MD, PhD
  • Mark Schwartz, MD
  • Marc Triola, MD

Quick links to Resources:

Healthcare by the Numbers Curriculum
Lecture materials, slides, small group session handouts, and links to projects.

Clinical Data Student Project using SPARCS
Student project using over 5 million patient records from NY State hospitals.

Virtual Outpatient Practice Student Exercise
Fictitious outpatient practice created from de-identified NYU, CDC, and NY state health data